Snowy Road  

雪地裡的擁抱  Snowy Road

李娜靜 LEE Na-jeong

2015南韓South Korea劇情片FictionColorDCP122min

2015 上海國際電影節多元視角單元




Back in 1944, the Japanese Army forced many women into sexual slavery during World War II. Two girls Jong-bun Young-ae get abducted and find themselves on a train for Manchuria to become a comfort woman. They help each other go through the living hell and as the war comes to an end, they finally escape from the comfort women camp, only to face two different paths of life.


台北華山 1 10/23(日)18:00

台北華山 2 10/23(日)18:00

台中日日新2A 10/23(日)18:00


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