We Are Here我們在這裡  

我們在這裡  We Are Here

  ZHAO Jing, SHI Tou

2015│中國 China│紀錄片Documentary│Color│DCP│60min

在聯合國最大的會議上,有來自全球的三百位女同志,接下來將會發生什麼?兩輛大巴載滿女同志前往地下夜店,她們是如何點燃了中國女同志運動的星星之火? 1995年,在北京舉辦的第四次世界婦女大會上,女同性戀第一次在聯合國NGO論壇上獲得了一個帳篷。在帳篷裡,人們分享理念,建立連結,確認自己的身份……改變的力量正在浮現。

What happens when 300 lesbians from all over the world attend the largest United Nations conference?  How did two busloads of lesbians headed to an underground nightclub help spark the birth of a lala (LBT) movement in China?  At the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, the first ever lesbian tent at an UN NGO Forum was created.  At the tent, ideas were shared, connections were made, and identities were assured …with energy for change in growth.

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