The Priestess Walks Alone我和我的T媽媽  

我和我的T媽媽  The Priestess Walks Alone

HUANG Hui-Chen

2016│台灣 Taiwan│紀錄片 Documentary│Color│Blu-ray│54min

2016 短片輔導金成果展


As a priestess, the director’s mother helps the dead achieve salvation through chants and prayers. However, when it comes to herself, she is bound by a painful past. The director tells the stories of the voiceless, yet is muted by a shameful secret. Now, the director and her mom will embark on the same journey in an attempt to find their own redemption.


台北華山1 10/15(六)17:40 

台中日日新2A 10/21(五)14:40 



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