My Silicone Love如膠似妻  

如膠似妻 My Silicone Love

蘇菲・朵赫斯 Sophie DROS

2015|荷蘭 Netherlands|紀錄片 Documentary|Color|DCP|28 min


Everard has a relationship with his thirteen lifelike dolls. He talks with them, dresses them, has sex with them and loves them as if they are real people. Is he happy with this way of living or does he actually long for a real woman? My Silicone Love shows his everyday life in contrast with the fantasy world in which his dolls come alive.


台北華山 1 廳 10/15(六)22:20

台北華山 1 廳 10/22(六)15:40 ☆



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