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《金門銀光夢 Golden Gate Girls

魏時煜S. Louisa WEI

2012|香港Hong Kong|紀錄片DocumentaryColor, B&WDCP90min





本片揭開了好萊塢當中被忽略已久的那段歷史。—The Hollywood Reporter




This documentary weaves together the life of Esther Eng, a San Francisco born “Golden Gate Girl” who made ten Chinese films on two sides of Pacific, and juxtaposes it with the fascinating stories Anna May Wong and Dorothy Arzner.  Esther Eng, crossed boundaries of both gender and culture by making Cantonese language films for Chinese audiences during and after WWII. Drawing on the marks she left in both the Chinese and English press, this film begins to recover some of her lost stories.


10/20(日)17:30 華山光點1



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