color schemes-01  
Color Schemes》

鄭淑麗CHEANG Shu-Lea

1989|美國USA|實驗片ExperimentalColorBetaCam28 min



An upbeat, ironic look at America multicultural society, Color Schemes uses the metaphor of color wash to tackle conceptions of racial assimilation. Spinning through this tumble- jumble of America washload, the performers scheme to claim racial images that remain color vivid.

sex fish-01  
Sex Fish》

鄭淑麗CHEANG Shu-Lea

1993|美國USA|實驗片ExperimentalColorBetaCam6 min



Dripping from the faucet, spraying against a shower curtain, swirling down a toilet, water leads viewers from one sex scene to another, private to public and back again. Swimming through the video are various fish, seemingly unaware of the derogatory pun they enact…

 sex bowl-01  


《保齡之性Sex Bowl》


鄭淑麗CHEANG Shu-Lea


1994|美國USA|實驗片ExperimentalColorBetaCam7 min





Fingers moving into bowling balls, shoe-smelling and toe-sucking… All forms of human sport become sites for sexual play and celebratory eroticism. Edited like a music video, the image track is a constant flow of fetishes that lure us into triangle chaos.

coming home-01  


《與妻訣別記 Coming Home》


鄭淑麗CHEANG Shu-Lea


1995|美國USA|實驗片ExperimentalColorBetaCam4 min





She loves her, and she loves her too. She is Japanese and she is Australian. The awkward fitting of bodies into a small space is just one of the allegorical scenarios dramatized in a pressing appeal for lesbian rights.

 fingers and kisses-01  


《指與吻Fingers and Kisses》


鄭淑麗CHEANG Shu-Lea


1995|美國USA|實驗片ExperimentalColorBetaCam5 min





How did they make it? The unbearable innocent fingers and kisses. Colors on the screens, your, hers, mine… Cheang has taken her camera to the streets for a candid glimpse of lesbian public sexuality. The film challenges to the question “What do lesbians do?”

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