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《女兒的儀式 Daughter Rite》

蜜雪兒.西桐  Michelle CITRON

1979|美國USA|紀錄片DocumentaryColorBetaCam53 min

1994  2屆女性影展


技巧上令人驚艷無比的成就!Vincent Canby, New York Times”


  這是部關於母女愛恨關係的影片,也是一個在「父親注視」之下,母親與女兒掙扎著扮演「好母親」與「好女兒」故事。當我們看著片中人物,就彷彿回味了那些曾經發生在你我身上與母親之間的熟悉情節。直接電影(Direct Cinema)的形式,以及多元混雜表現風格,點出電影鏡頭底下不一定能找到事物的真相,在當年電影甫推出時曾引發許多爭議。有如時光膠囊一般探索女性主義思想、女人拍片、以及媒體再現,值得當代觀眾重新回味。

Daughter Rite is a classic, the missing link between the “direct Cinema” documentaries and the later hybrids that acknowledged truth couldn't always be found in front of a camera lens. Scandalous in its day for bending the rules of representation to enlighten its audience about filmmaking, Daughter Rite has a lot to teach folks hooked on reality TV, too. Citron's documentary inquiries into feminism, women in the trades, and feminist approaches to media representation are time capsules that merit re-opening.


10/15(二)17:00 華山光點2

10/19(六)12:30 華山光點2




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